Do You Have An Effective Landing Page For Your Website?

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June 21, 2017      In Business Services Comments Off on Do You Have An Effective Landing Page For Your Website?

If you are new to the world of marketing your business online and have just created a website for your business then you need to become familiar with a few of the technical jargon that goes around. Because otherwise you will soon find yourself in the backseat unable to keep up with the fast paced world of the internet. And you just might give up thinking that it wasn’t meant for you. so if you want to be good at what you have just started then you must become familiarize with some these term sin order to get a comprehensive understanding of what you are doing and what you need to do.

What is a landing page?
Landing page is the page on your website where you can gather information from the people who are visiting your website. It’s not the main page or the homepage of your website. Instead it’s a different page that they will be directed to so that they can easily have access to what they are looking for. Because most businesses tend to divert the traffic that is generated from their efficient EDM marketing solution in Singapore and social media platforms directly to their homepage. And once people arrive here they tend to get sidetracked because it gives them many options along with what they’re looking for. And being distracted like this may end up making them lose interest as well. Which is not good for business.

And if you have created a landing page then make sure it is what people are looking for. In the sense of the page being clear and attractive. Because people don’t feel like going ahead if the page ends up being cluttered with information. And you also need to keep an important point in mind when it come to your landing page. The fact that it must be visible on all devices. Because research has found out that almost fifty percent of wed traffic that is generated be it from the email marketing platform or social media platforms, are done through mobile devices. So if your landing page fails to be seen or viewed on a mobile device then you stand to lose out on potential customers. And make sure you play around with various formats to see what kind of format will look god on what kind of device. So the page turns out to be eye-catching no matter what the device is.

And last of all make sure that this page clearly states the goodness of your brand so that the customer feels instantly safe on entering. You can do this by putting up some positive reviews you have received and the number of Facebook likes and so on. Which is what gives you the added boost that you require.

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