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Alongside tourism, the leisure and entertainment industry are two of the biggest revenue generating industries in most countries – specifically in Asia. As more and more people travel to the continent in search of its hidden secrets, accommodation is popping up everywhere, attractions and traps are being built on the spot and entire communities have formed around one simple promotion or convenience. Here are some of the reasons why these fields are so popular:

Job Creation
To countries that were desperate, these industries represent a boost in employment. Open one guest house and you can employ several youths of that area and community while helping to develop it as well. Someone who has completed their WSQ courses can easily find a job then. Apart from direct employment, it also benefits suppliers of food, drink, decorations, sanitary services, maintenance etc. while dancers, singers and other local entertainers may also be able to get a look in here.

Growth Opportunities
There is unlimited potential for growth within this industry if you know what to do. Someone who joins as an untrained and unskilled waiter can follow a hospitality courses in Singapore and eventually even rise to the position of manager. There is endless capacity for growth within the ranks for those who are smart, flexible and able to play the game, which is to get in with the right people and keep their noses clean. As long as you show initiative and enthusiasm, you will get far.

Foreign Revenue
Most of the consumers of the leisure and entertainment industry are foreigners, thus generating foreign income and revenue for the country. Some Asian countries have designated areas or districts which offer entertainment options like night clubs and casinos not freely available to the rest of the country. For cultural reasons the establishments may not be encouraged in the rest of the country, but because of its economic potential, is offered to the wealthy foreign traveller who would like to be able to taste the local fun. If you are interested about hotel management courses you can visit this website http://www.ascott-ace.com/courses/wsq-certificate-in-hotel-and-accommodation-services.htm/

Variety in Work
This is truer for the management level but the industry is so large and varied that managers can keep switching jobs every 2 years and never be able to gain every experience out there related to the industry. No one will get tired of working entertainment or leisure; every day there is a new problem to solve and something crazier that can happen. It is also a very versatile industry. If someone who is in the marketing department for a hotel chain wants to move into something else, he/she can easily find another job (such as operations manager) within the same circle.

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