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May 18, 2017      In Business Services Comments Off on Simple Ways To Save Big On Your Big Day

Odds are, your dream wedding is a fairy tale one: An occasion with the prettiest blooms, the most delicious appetizers, the best photo booth, and the list goes on. Your Pinterest wedding board is filled with Kim K style dreamy flower wall, six tier wedding cake like Adrienne Bailon’s perfect work of art, a wedding dress as excellent as Kate Middleton. But hey! All that glamour and glitter is super costly. Fortunate for you, we have made a list of tried and tested things that will spare you hundreds and even thousands of dollars on your big day. The best thing about these tips is they spare you cash without killing an ounce of glam.

Have a civil ceremony instead of a fancy wedding dinner
Let’s be honest, the fancy customary dinner party is a tremendous cost. While you may think you may recover your costs by through glamorous wedding bouquets, it never plays out as expected. Keep it basic and go to the Registry of Marriages than throwing a civil ceremony. Line it up with a simple cocktail or an elegant reception.

Civil ceremony and the reception at the same venue
However, because of family pressure or different reasons, you may have no other option but to organize a fancy wedding party. Rather than having a glamorous banquet in a fancy hotel, spare yourself cash by holding both your civil ceremony and banquet reception in the same place. Many event venues have different spaces that can be rented out together, or you can get inventive with an open air wedding, maybe by the beach, followed by a reception inside. Creativity is the key! Why not hire a fancy villa for your ceremony and the reception? Hire a wedding florist who can give your wedding venue an elegant facelift and you are good to go!

Make your own bouquet
This is where you could take use of the floral arrangement workshop in Singapore you took last spring. If you have enough time, you can grow your own bouquet in your backyard. Fragile and downplayed azaleas, intense dahlias, and plush peonies grow well in home gardens. Have a discussion with a specialist gardener to ensure you grow a range of flowers that will bloom right in time for your big day.

Upcycle a vintage dress
Customized wedding gowns can cost a lot. Instead, consider upcycling an elegant vintage dress to fit the dream wedding gown you have in mind. Look through family treasures, comb through thrift stores or check online to discover something that can be changed by a decent dressmaker into something that will draw out your best.

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