The Evolution Of Food Service Equipment And Appliances

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May 23, 2017      In Business Services Comments Off on The Evolution Of Food Service Equipment And Appliances

Kitchen technologies have seen a significant transformation in the past years. What with the increasing population and more and more people opting to eat from a restaurant because they are simply too exhausted after a day’s work to come back home and think about cooking. Therefore the demand for restaurants and fast food outlets are at an all-time high. They have had to figure out ways of keeping up with this increased demand while still maintaining safety within the kitchen as well as the quality of the food that they keep churning out.

So What Are These Changes?
Kitchen appliances have evolved in such a manner that they make the kitchens a safer and efficient place to work in. and this helps the food service operators out there do a better job. So let’s have a look at what these changes that the perfect food catering in Singapore industry has adopted in order to ensure a job well done. One such equipment that is gaining popularity is the combination steam and convection oven. Because it utilizes the addition of steam into the cooking chamber it increases the cooking speed of cooking because the steam has better penetration, and it also helps with faster removal of flavor transfers. As a result of its unique features it has become increasingly popular amongst many kitchens.

When it comes to restaurants, fast food outlets and catering services like buffet catering what these service providers are looking for is multipurpose equipment that is easier to clean, which means it helps reduce the workload for the staff while it continues to uphold the quality food produced. Some of the other equipment that people from the industry have fallen in love with are the Toast-Quik Conveyor Toaster which has eight settings equipped for eight different temperatures, and the Rapide Cuisine Countertop Induction Range which can analyze the pan that is placed on top of it and adjusts the temperature to suite the pan.

While these products deliver safety and efficiency what they also offer is beauty to the working environment. These appliances are sleek and colored to please the eye. Most of them are made of ceramic and are available in a variety of colors giving the industry a wide range to choose from to suite their cooking atmospheres. And the biggest that one could say this evolution has achieved is the use of equipment that can be connected to phones and tablets and can be controlled by them, making life much easier for the tech savvy modern day cooking generation.

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