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May 18, 2017      In Business Services Comments Off on Upgrading Your Office

If you have not upgraded and refurnished your office in a while, you will want to consider giving it an upgrade. Many business owners do not realize the impact that the look of their office has on the work that is being done at the office and therefore, they tend to neglect the office and leave it with faded walls and tattered drapes but the truth is that this can cause you to lose a lot of money without you even realizing it.

Client meetings and first impressions
One of the main ways that you can lose money through not taking care of your office is by losing business due to presenting a bad first impression to your clients. When a client visits your office and sees an old building that is not taken care of and not cleaned, he is unlikely to give you his business because he will naturally assume that your work will be similar to the way your office looks based ion the first impression that you have just given him with the way your office looks. On the other hand, if your client or potential client walks in to your office for the first time and it looks impressive with brand new curtain in Singapore, well painted walls, motivational quotations and a neat office, he is more likely to place his trust in you and give you his business because this is the way the human mind works.

There are little things you could invest your money on to make you office look nicer like a motorised roller blind for example. While it may not have a specific role, it will leave a good first impression by making your office look good.

Another way that your office being untidy and not taken care of can affect the business coming in to your office is by making your staff feel unmotivated. In most cases, the environment and the way the office looks will influence how the employees that are working in the office are feeling and you will find that having to work in an unpainted office that is untidy and not taken care of will make them feel tired, unmotivated and low on energy throughout the day. On the other hand if you pain the office in vivid colors, have a lot of light in your office by having bigger windows installed and have some motivational sayings on the wall, you will find that they tend to work harder and bring in more business without even realizing it.

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